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My name is Owen and this is Story of Goldtalk

Back in 1999, a couple of business partners had an idea for a website. It was going to be the biggest financial website on the internet. We made a business plan and started seeking out financial investors. The response was overwhelming. We had advertisers lined up, we hired web designers and were in negotiations with two of the biggest financial writers in the United States. We even went into partnership with a certain "large corporation." This corporation promised us huge amounts of money and media exposure. I remember saying to my friend Lindsay, "this is the perfect arrangement, success is guaranteed." I never realized how wrong I was.

I should have known there was a problem, when this corporation hired away one of our employees. Then they tried to change the direction of the website. They did not want it to be a neutral financial site as first planned, but simply a propaganda site, advertising their crappy products and services. They wanted me to be a part of their plan, but I was not going to have them manipulate me any more. I broke the deal and they filed a lawsuit against me. Soon I followed and filed my own lawsuit against them. After months of negotiations, I thought we were going to come to an out of court settlement, as a meeting was arranged to iron out the final details. A few minutes into the meeting, I realized that this meeting was another attempt to manipulate me and I wasn't going to take it anymore. The meeting ended up with me being physically attacked by a company official. As I was protecting myself, this bully ended up being accidently thrown through a window and taken away in an ambulance with lacerations to his face and broken ribs. This company then lied to the police and had me arrested and charged with assault and resisting arrest. Due to the litagation that is pending, my lawyer advises me not to mention the company. When all is settled, and this company is proven in court to be the lying, greedy scum that they are, I will tell you the whole story right here on Goldtalk.

So after all this I was determined to start a simple financial website. I picked gold and precious metals as a subject because I know that gold is undervalued and will be the investment of smart investors in the next century. The first step in this website is to start the discussion board. I have a few financial gurus lined who plan to contribute regularly to this board. Later I plan to write regular columns, but I will keep my financial opinions to myself until all my legal problems are settled.
Thank you for visiting Goldtalk. Check in regulary, we will add more features as I continue to read my beginners HTML book. Visit our Discussion Board and tell us what you think.....O.Park

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