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Interesting Links

Don't you hate it when these pages give you links to sites like such as Yahoo or The following links are a little less obvious.
In my opinion the best gold site on the net.
I think the only reason this guy got a webpage is so he could publish his book on it. You can even donate to his website.
Dave's Gold Rantings
I love Gold, but I love rants even more.
Los Angeles Clippers
I know this has nothing to do with gold, but I am a season ticket holder for the Los Angeles Clippers and the team needs all the promotion it can get.
You know you had a bad marriage breakup when your estranged wife submits a photo of you to this website. (there is no nudity on this site)
Alcoholics Anonymous Official Site
If I can be serious for a minute, I have been clean and sober since 1999. If you have a problem, you may want to check out this site.
Goldsheet Mining Directory